Saturday, October 24, 2009

How do you celebrate the month of Halloween?

What is Halloween? and how do people celebrates Halloween? until now I didn't understand what is Halloween? and what is the purpose of having a Halloween every year? You know I'm a scared cat, so whenever the Halloween came the first thing comes to my mind is Ghost! and whenever I turn On the TV every programs is all about ghost so I prefer not to watch. Halloween is such a boring month for me maybe because I don't know how to celebrate this month of Ghost. November 1 is the All Saints Day and I wonder why people went to the cemetery that day because November 2 is the All Souls Day. All Saints Day and All Souls Day are different celebration in a different day but catholic use to pray or visit their dead family or love ones into the cemetery during November 1 in All Saints Day. Can somebody explains to me why the All Souls Day is celebrating in November 1 instead of November 2? it made me confuse. Before November is came people celebrates the Halloween, they even say "Happy Halloween!" so it makes me think what is Happy or happiness in the Halloween when Halloween is about the celebration of the ghost or dead people? instead of praying for them to have a peaceful souls people did a celebration of happiness like throwing a party rather than celebration of prayers. Or maybe people celebrates Halloween in a Happy way because Halloween is scary thing? is it like that? if it is, OK do you your own way to celebrate Halloween but don't forget to pray for the souls of the dead people, do not forget the real concept of a Halloween because that day is for them and not for us.

Some of the ghost stories and movies are IN now and almost every people is have their own ghost experience. Have you ever seen a ghost in your entire life? me I haven't and I don't want to because it scares me to dead so even if it's Halloween I can't share to you any. I wonder how does it's feels like to have a special abilities to see a ghost or to have a 3rd eye. Some of them are use to it, to see a ghost anywhere while the others who can't accept their special ability is going be crazy. It is also scary to have a friends with a 3rd eye but it's scarier to have this eye.

How do I celebrate Halloween this year? maybe just like the usual, staying home, eating and watching horror films. Horror films is way better than the real ghost story documented on TV programs, because in Movie you know it's just a made-up story unlike in the TV in a real documentation of a ghost story you know that it's real and base to the experience of the story teller. It is more scarier that's why I hate watching TV during Halloween. I also not attending in Halloween Parties and Trick or Treat is not doing in here in the Philippines.