Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cherry Mobile Q3 Review

I got a Cherry Mobile Q3 unit last April,.. I bought it in the price of 1,990Php as a brand new unit. I actually preferred to buy the Cherry Mobile D10 but I change my mind since the price of those units are the same. The phone features are also the same, D10 is a bar type while Q3 is a Qwerty type. Since Qwerty is very popular nowadays I choose to buy the Q3 over the D10. The physical features of Q3 is very simple but looks more decent than a China phone. Actually Cherry Mobile is a China Phone brand too who got imported by Philippine company, they say Cherry Mobile owned by the Alcatel company too. I'm not really sure about that, all I know is this phone is a Class A China Phone brand. That time I really wanted to buy a Dual Sim Phone so I can communicate my overseas partner through my other sim and i find Cherry Mobile as cheapest brand of dual sim phone so then I tried it.
Cherry Mobile Q3 Features:
  • Dual Band : GSM 900/1800 MHz
  • Dual Sim Dual Standby
  • Qwerty Keypad
  • 2.2” TFT 65K color display
  • FM radio
  • Mp3 Player
  • Flashlight (5 LED)
  • SMS
  • T-flash up to 2 GB
This Phone is good if you are used to China phone features except,....
When you play MP3 music the sound quality is poor it can't play HQ mp3 very well, through speaker or headset its still the same, sucks!
When you're listening music and you've got a call and answer ,you can't hear the voice of a caller into the headset, I dunno what's wrong maybe the headset??? and when you unplugged the headset the call ends. I always got a problem when someone calling me while listening music through my headset.
It doesn't have a Picture Viewer just like what's written on it's box. It only supports GIF images with a very very small size like 100-200KB and the wall paper cannot be change into personalize, Default only.
It doesn't have a Sent Item so you can't view the messages you sent. You can't even calculate how much pages you already use when creating messages because it doesn't indicated, unless you know the numbers or how much character to be use per page.
It has a flashlight with 5 LED, but the light is not that bright, it's not like 5 led but 1.
It is not recommended to use 2GB T-flash because it actually supports only 1GB.
If you are not used to Qwerty keypad don't buy Qwerty unit then, it's hard to use Qwerty keypad you will became slow texter.

I'm having a hard time using this phone so after 4 days I decided to sell it and buy another unit again but this time I buy a branded one. hehehe^^, from 1 - 10 ratings I can rate the phone quality into 5! but it still defends on how you use your phone. What more do you expect from a China Phone? of course you have to be extra careful using it, if you are a risk taker like me then also try to buy it and see for your self but probably I don't recommend this unit.

foods for a person who live alone

Ever since my partner left, I'm all alone at home,.. of course being alone means, eat alone, watching TV alone, sleep alone, in short ALONE, hahaha I always having a hard time to think what do I eat for my dinner, I don't eat breakfast and I ate lunch at work so dinner is my only problem. Aside from instant noodles, canned foods and fried what else food can I eat when I'm home alone? If you are home alone it's not necessary to cook a dishes specially if you're not eating too much, so most of the person who's living alone or living into a dormitory preferred to buy cooked foods outside instead. But if you are stingy person like me a meal of 40-50Php is kinda expensive LOL.
I search through the net because I want to get an idea on what kinds of food is affordable, easily to cook and enough for a one person only but I failed to find one, so I decided to share you what kind of food I ate alone when I'm home.

These are the most common foods I eat,..
Red Egg w/or w/out tomato will do
Boiled white egg
Instant Noodles

Fried egg
Fried Eggplant
Fried Dried Fish
Imbotido - you can also make other recipe for imbotido like mixing this into egg then fried.
Note: I ate these fried's with a Knorr Soup,..

Sometimes when i buy foods outside I bought,..
Grilled fish
Grilled Longganisa
Grilled Squid
Grilled Hotdog
Kangkong w/Bagoong
Talong w/Bagoong
or I bought a cooked dishes like inexpensive Vegetables

I also eat canned foods like,..
Spanish sardines
corned beef
meat loap
wow ulam

and what more can you do into a Canned foods?
SARDINES you can sautee sardines add egg and any kinds of vegetables add little amount of water and seasonings then Boila!!! you got a new menu for a Sardines haha
MACKEREL you can sautee mackerel too without adding veggies or anything just a seasonings and calamansi to taste.
CORNED BEEF sautee corned beef is very common, adding potato is common too but adding egg in stir-fry corned beef is my own recipe hahahaha

Seems like my recipe has a lot of eggs, LOL i just don't know why I keep experimenting on Egg hahahaha maybe I should titled this blog article "What more you can do to egg?" hahaha If you are fed up with your daily dish then try experimenting too just like what I did. As you can see my foods are all unhealthy foods as if I got a choice? so then I decided to eat fruits after meal or drink fruit juice.

Hope I can give you help or gave you an idea on what to eat when your home alone or living alone.

Summer is about to end but I don't have a post yet regarding my summer escapade... Hope to make one when I find time,.. ti'll my next blog,.. <3<3<3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm Always Late

Are you always Late at work? late at meetings? late in school,.. Oh my God! It's a bad habit, because being late is becoming irresponsible. And a country or society with irresponsible people grows slow.

OK I summarize those things I'm doing why I'm always late,.. It's actually my way to explain and apologize why I'm late and how to manage to not becoming late again but I couldn't. hehe

1. I forgot to set the ALARM. Really i forgot to set the alarm clock sometimes, maybe because I'm so tired or sleepy so I forgotten, but forgetting to set the alarm is not my habit.

2. I don't get up on bed at exact time. hehehe^^, It's my habit, I set the alarm early and Off this after it alarms then sleep again or stay in bed and get up the bed late. What's the use of Alarm clock if you Off after it alarms and sleep again? LOL

3. I sit and having a coffee for 30min. or more than,.. why? not because I'm waiting for the coffee to get cold but because while having a coffee I'm thinking on what do I do for this day until the coffee gets cold while I'm drinking it. And do you know that the secret of a delicious coffee is drinking it slowly until it gets cold,.? hahaha^^, so I drink coffee slowly while thinking a lot of things until pass by and I didn't notice that I'm getting late already. Arrghh!

4. I use to take a bath for 30 min. or more than. When I felt I'm not so cleaned or I felt like I want to scrub more and do shaving I don't stop until I'm not satisfied even if I know the fact that I'm going to be late already. I'm sorry I can't help to clean myself more. hahahah

5. Spending lots of hours in the front of the Mirror. Lot's of girls like me do this. Applying deodorant, lotion in the front of mirror WTH having a makeup, comb hair, blow hair dry. Applying etc. on your face and hair. Girls like me always like this, spending lot's hours in the front of the mirror doing this and that,.. hays,..

6. I'm Having a hard time styling my hair. Summer is so hot, I'm so irritate in my getting longer hair but I don't want to cut this. Styling medium hair is hard, I want to leave the way it is now but sometimes when the season is hot my mood is also change and want it to style in the most comfortable way. Styling my hair spent me lots of hours but in the end I end up with no Style hair. hahaha

7. Changing the preferred clothes I would wear when i change my mood. I know a lot people do this not only me. When you prepare a clothes then suddenly you change your mind & your mood, you change clothes, when your not satisfied on what you wear you change again. You change and change a clothes until you satisfied, even when you're already stepping out the door your going back to your room again to change clothes because your mood has change. Until lots of time has been waste because you can't decide on what to wear because your mind is always change just like the weather. haha^^,

8. Traffic. The number one and most common problem in the Philippines. Traffic comes in an unexpected time so whether you like it or not when you get caught in the traffic you probably going to be late.

9. The jeepney or van driver is very slow. This is my usual problem, I'm so unlucky when it comes to riding on the jeepney I usually went into the jeep with a driver that run the jeep slow to get lot's of passenger on the streets. Not only that they also went into gasoline station to load gas they better load gas before they travel right? They made the passengers late. So my 25 minutes of travel usually becomes 35 minutes or more than and they are my usual reason.

10. I'm not hurrying myself because of my advance clock. hehe I use to set my watch 20 minutes in advance,.. and I don't hurry myself because I always thought that my clock is advance so I don't get late but I end up being late WTF Advancing clock is not also the best solution specially if you always put into your mind that your clock is advance.

So now you know the reasons why I am always late,.. so do you think this kind of reasons is reasonable and acceptable? hehehe^^, they say Filipino is always Filipino Time, means always Late on time but I don't think this things only applies in a Filipinos like me. Everyone can be late with a different reasons, being late sometimes is not that bad but being late always is really really bad. Do not make LATES being your habit because as I said on the above being late shows being irresponsible of a person. But believe me or not I tried hard not being late anymore. I really do,.. Hope you are too,.. ^^,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Being A Working Student

So long I did not updates this blog? did you missed my post? or missed my story lot's of Idiotic thing? haha^^, OK, I'm sorry guys I've been very busy from these past few months,.. because I was going back to study,.. I did continue my college study, good news right? I continue my career as a working student,.. Do you know how hard is to become a working student? well I share you my experience then,..

I woke up 5:30 in the morning preparing myself going to school then travel, my class starts at 7:00 am and end at 10:00am but our prof. let me off quarter to 10 because my duty at work starts at 10:00am. Because I'm lack of sleep I use to sleep into Jeepney, when we have an Exam I'm reviewing while at work, while eating, taking a bath, before I sleep and the best of all reviewing while on the bar w/friends and drinking alcohol. hahaha While I'm at work I'm always think about my school, my next subject, my report, my assignment and our lesson. When I have a report or assignment i use to research a lot, I don't go to school not being prepared WHY??? because I am a Working Student. Not all the teachers or school give consideration for a working student like me, why? because being working student is not a reason to become irresponsible. If you choose to study while working it's your problem not theirs, you made a choice like that because you think you can do your part in both careers right? so you don't have to reason out your being a working student and it's not right to reason it out. If you're at work don't reason out school, if you are in the school don't reason out work you have to balance both careers and you have to do your responsibilities in both, so if you can't do that ,.. better to give up either one of them.

Whenever I have an Exam in school and I have a duty at work, I took a 1 hour break at work and I'd go to school to take an exam, hehehe I becoming ghost employee sometimes but good thing my Boss is not always around.

There were also times I woke up in the morning that I can't even stand, I really don't want to get up early but my mind says I have to,.. I have to,.. I have to,.. The school is being paid by my own money so I have to get up, so I got up and took a bath with my eyes still close because I'm very very sleepy. I really wanted to gave up the schooling because waking up in the morning without much sleep is a bit sacrifice and to think I only had a 5 hours sleep a day that's too much. It actually kills me, my body is weak and I easily get sicked, I use to take medicines and push myself to be OK. My body is giving up but my mind doesn't want to, there were also times that I Cried and felt so down and what made me finished the one semester with this sacrifices is my Determination. The thing that a working student mustn't Lost is their Determination, mind determination in order to succeed. Others might felt sorry for us, others felt impress. But you better not felt sorry for us because we're working hard, I enjoy what I am doing and being a hard working person is something that I'm proud of to myself.

I hate absenting at work so on the days or times that we had nothing to do in school I go to work, everyday and every hours, minutes is important to me "time is gold". I have to work for my living and for my study, if I don't work I can't go to school, if I don't work what do I eat? How will I be able to pay my shelter and needs? If I don't work I have nothing. I'm living on my own here in Manila, I got no support from my parents or from anyone. What I have now, everything I have now is the thing I gave to myself, it's all the things I been working hard for myself.

For the next School Year 2010-2011, its my last School Year I hope I can survive for this career, wish me luck hehe And to those who wants to try to become a working student always remember this advice NEVER LOOSE YOUR DETERMINATION in order to succeed, and BALANCE BOTH CAREER'S responsibilities.

By the way it's a summer vacation, let's all have a fun and memorable summer OK? Till my next story,..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

LOCKERZ! a way to get free gadgets and items online

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Monday, November 2, 2009

my Halloween Experience

Oh,.. so I finally made it! made an unforgettable moment of the Halloween. In my recent post I tell you guys that Halloween is the most boring occasions for me because I have nothing to do on that day,..

So me and my partner has plan to go on Quiapo church,.. but what we were going to do after going to church? so I decided before going to church we're going to but ticket for cinema and after going to church we were going to watch movie on cinema... OK,.. it's November 1, we met at the Isetann Mall, the mall closer to Quaipo church,.. we buy ticket then after that we stroll at the mall and forget that we were going to church,.. hahaha we actually decided not to go on church after all then wait for the movie to starts,.. We watched PATIENT X,.. I insist to watch Patient X because i think that's so scary because the director is Yam Laranas, he's been recognize internationally by his previous movie "Sigaw".
OK it's time to watch movie,.. we enter into the cinema and were so surprised, as in SURPRISED,.. WE are the ONLY persons who will watch that movie on that big cinema. Wait! we don't rent the whole cinema OK??? we can't afford that hahaha It's just happened that only me and my partner who wants to watch movie on the All Souls Day. Most of the people is on the cemetery and church and WE on the cinema hahahaha.

Then the Movie starts to play, we're so scared, very very scared,.. Can you imagine yourself watching Horror movie on the big dark cinema with only you and your partner? maybe your imagination is quite different like this only you and your partner watching cinema with a romantic movie,.. hahaha I'm a scared cat, i don't want to continue watching the film,.. I really wanted to go home but my partner wants to stay because were already there and besides we can't refund the ticket. So we stay and watched the movie from beginning to end, actually the movie is not that scary but if you watch it on a dark big cinema with only two of you it's very very scary,.. It's such an unforgettable Holloween for me,.. and know what's the Lesson? Do not watch cinema on the All Souls Day specially if you prefer to watch horror movie,.. go with the plan, visit the church or the cemetery,.. hahaha

Saturday, October 24, 2009

How do you celebrate the month of Halloween?

What is Halloween? and how do people celebrates Halloween? until now I didn't understand what is Halloween? and what is the purpose of having a Halloween every year? You know I'm a scared cat, so whenever the Halloween came the first thing comes to my mind is Ghost! and whenever I turn On the TV every programs is all about ghost so I prefer not to watch. Halloween is such a boring month for me maybe because I don't know how to celebrate this month of Ghost. November 1 is the All Saints Day and I wonder why people went to the cemetery that day because November 2 is the All Souls Day. All Saints Day and All Souls Day are different celebration in a different day but catholic use to pray or visit their dead family or love ones into the cemetery during November 1 in All Saints Day. Can somebody explains to me why the All Souls Day is celebrating in November 1 instead of November 2? it made me confuse. Before November is came people celebrates the Halloween, they even say "Happy Halloween!" so it makes me think what is Happy or happiness in the Halloween when Halloween is about the celebration of the ghost or dead people? instead of praying for them to have a peaceful souls people did a celebration of happiness like throwing a party rather than celebration of prayers. Or maybe people celebrates Halloween in a Happy way because Halloween is scary thing? is it like that? if it is, OK do you your own way to celebrate Halloween but don't forget to pray for the souls of the dead people, do not forget the real concept of a Halloween because that day is for them and not for us.

Some of the ghost stories and movies are IN now and almost every people is have their own ghost experience. Have you ever seen a ghost in your entire life? me I haven't and I don't want to because it scares me to dead so even if it's Halloween I can't share to you any. I wonder how does it's feels like to have a special abilities to see a ghost or to have a 3rd eye. Some of them are use to it, to see a ghost anywhere while the others who can't accept their special ability is going be crazy. It is also scary to have a friends with a 3rd eye but it's scarier to have this eye.

How do I celebrate Halloween this year? maybe just like the usual, staying home, eating and watching horror films. Horror films is way better than the real ghost story documented on TV programs, because in Movie you know it's just a made-up story unlike in the TV in a real documentation of a ghost story you know that it's real and base to the experience of the story teller. It is more scarier that's why I hate watching TV during Halloween. I also not attending in Halloween Parties and Trick or Treat is not doing in here in the Philippines.