Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm Always Late

Are you always Late at work? late at meetings? late in school,.. Oh my God! It's a bad habit, because being late is becoming irresponsible. And a country or society with irresponsible people grows slow.

OK I summarize those things I'm doing why I'm always late,.. It's actually my way to explain and apologize why I'm late and how to manage to not becoming late again but I couldn't. hehe

1. I forgot to set the ALARM. Really i forgot to set the alarm clock sometimes, maybe because I'm so tired or sleepy so I forgotten, but forgetting to set the alarm is not my habit.

2. I don't get up on bed at exact time. hehehe^^, It's my habit, I set the alarm early and Off this after it alarms then sleep again or stay in bed and get up the bed late. What's the use of Alarm clock if you Off after it alarms and sleep again? LOL

3. I sit and having a coffee for 30min. or more than,.. why? not because I'm waiting for the coffee to get cold but because while having a coffee I'm thinking on what do I do for this day until the coffee gets cold while I'm drinking it. And do you know that the secret of a delicious coffee is drinking it slowly until it gets cold,.? hahaha^^, so I drink coffee slowly while thinking a lot of things until pass by and I didn't notice that I'm getting late already. Arrghh!

4. I use to take a bath for 30 min. or more than. When I felt I'm not so cleaned or I felt like I want to scrub more and do shaving I don't stop until I'm not satisfied even if I know the fact that I'm going to be late already. I'm sorry I can't help to clean myself more. hahahah

5. Spending lots of hours in the front of the Mirror. Lot's of girls like me do this. Applying deodorant, lotion in the front of mirror WTH having a makeup, comb hair, blow hair dry. Applying etc. on your face and hair. Girls like me always like this, spending lot's hours in the front of the mirror doing this and that,.. hays,..

6. I'm Having a hard time styling my hair. Summer is so hot, I'm so irritate in my getting longer hair but I don't want to cut this. Styling medium hair is hard, I want to leave the way it is now but sometimes when the season is hot my mood is also change and want it to style in the most comfortable way. Styling my hair spent me lots of hours but in the end I end up with no Style hair. hahaha

7. Changing the preferred clothes I would wear when i change my mood. I know a lot people do this not only me. When you prepare a clothes then suddenly you change your mind & your mood, you change clothes, when your not satisfied on what you wear you change again. You change and change a clothes until you satisfied, even when you're already stepping out the door your going back to your room again to change clothes because your mood has change. Until lots of time has been waste because you can't decide on what to wear because your mind is always change just like the weather. haha^^,

8. Traffic. The number one and most common problem in the Philippines. Traffic comes in an unexpected time so whether you like it or not when you get caught in the traffic you probably going to be late.

9. The jeepney or van driver is very slow. This is my usual problem, I'm so unlucky when it comes to riding on the jeepney I usually went into the jeep with a driver that run the jeep slow to get lot's of passenger on the streets. Not only that they also went into gasoline station to load gas they better load gas before they travel right? They made the passengers late. So my 25 minutes of travel usually becomes 35 minutes or more than and they are my usual reason.

10. I'm not hurrying myself because of my advance clock. hehe I use to set my watch 20 minutes in advance,.. and I don't hurry myself because I always thought that my clock is advance so I don't get late but I end up being late WTF Advancing clock is not also the best solution specially if you always put into your mind that your clock is advance.

So now you know the reasons why I am always late,.. so do you think this kind of reasons is reasonable and acceptable? hehehe^^, they say Filipino is always Filipino Time, means always Late on time but I don't think this things only applies in a Filipinos like me. Everyone can be late with a different reasons, being late sometimes is not that bad but being late always is really really bad. Do not make LATES being your habit because as I said on the above being late shows being irresponsible of a person. But believe me or not I tried hard not being late anymore. I really do,.. Hope you are too,.. ^^,