Thursday, May 6, 2010

Being A Working Student

So long I did not updates this blog? did you missed my post? or missed my story lot's of Idiotic thing? haha^^, OK, I'm sorry guys I've been very busy from these past few months,.. because I was going back to study,.. I did continue my college study, good news right? I continue my career as a working student,.. Do you know how hard is to become a working student? well I share you my experience then,..

I woke up 5:30 in the morning preparing myself going to school then travel, my class starts at 7:00 am and end at 10:00am but our prof. let me off quarter to 10 because my duty at work starts at 10:00am. Because I'm lack of sleep I use to sleep into Jeepney, when we have an Exam I'm reviewing while at work, while eating, taking a bath, before I sleep and the best of all reviewing while on the bar w/friends and drinking alcohol. hahaha While I'm at work I'm always think about my school, my next subject, my report, my assignment and our lesson. When I have a report or assignment i use to research a lot, I don't go to school not being prepared WHY??? because I am a Working Student. Not all the teachers or school give consideration for a working student like me, why? because being working student is not a reason to become irresponsible. If you choose to study while working it's your problem not theirs, you made a choice like that because you think you can do your part in both careers right? so you don't have to reason out your being a working student and it's not right to reason it out. If you're at work don't reason out school, if you are in the school don't reason out work you have to balance both careers and you have to do your responsibilities in both, so if you can't do that ,.. better to give up either one of them.

Whenever I have an Exam in school and I have a duty at work, I took a 1 hour break at work and I'd go to school to take an exam, hehehe I becoming ghost employee sometimes but good thing my Boss is not always around.

There were also times I woke up in the morning that I can't even stand, I really don't want to get up early but my mind says I have to,.. I have to,.. I have to,.. The school is being paid by my own money so I have to get up, so I got up and took a bath with my eyes still close because I'm very very sleepy. I really wanted to gave up the schooling because waking up in the morning without much sleep is a bit sacrifice and to think I only had a 5 hours sleep a day that's too much. It actually kills me, my body is weak and I easily get sicked, I use to take medicines and push myself to be OK. My body is giving up but my mind doesn't want to, there were also times that I Cried and felt so down and what made me finished the one semester with this sacrifices is my Determination. The thing that a working student mustn't Lost is their Determination, mind determination in order to succeed. Others might felt sorry for us, others felt impress. But you better not felt sorry for us because we're working hard, I enjoy what I am doing and being a hard working person is something that I'm proud of to myself.

I hate absenting at work so on the days or times that we had nothing to do in school I go to work, everyday and every hours, minutes is important to me "time is gold". I have to work for my living and for my study, if I don't work I can't go to school, if I don't work what do I eat? How will I be able to pay my shelter and needs? If I don't work I have nothing. I'm living on my own here in Manila, I got no support from my parents or from anyone. What I have now, everything I have now is the thing I gave to myself, it's all the things I been working hard for myself.

For the next School Year 2010-2011, its my last School Year I hope I can survive for this career, wish me luck hehe And to those who wants to try to become a working student always remember this advice NEVER LOOSE YOUR DETERMINATION in order to succeed, and BALANCE BOTH CAREER'S responsibilities.

By the way it's a summer vacation, let's all have a fun and memorable summer OK? Till my next story,..