Saturday, October 24, 2009

How do you celebrate the month of Halloween?

What is Halloween? and how do people celebrates Halloween? until now I didn't understand what is Halloween? and what is the purpose of having a Halloween every year? You know I'm a scared cat, so whenever the Halloween came the first thing comes to my mind is Ghost! and whenever I turn On the TV every programs is all about ghost so I prefer not to watch. Halloween is such a boring month for me maybe because I don't know how to celebrate this month of Ghost. November 1 is the All Saints Day and I wonder why people went to the cemetery that day because November 2 is the All Souls Day. All Saints Day and All Souls Day are different celebration in a different day but catholic use to pray or visit their dead family or love ones into the cemetery during November 1 in All Saints Day. Can somebody explains to me why the All Souls Day is celebrating in November 1 instead of November 2? it made me confuse. Before November is came people celebrates the Halloween, they even say "Happy Halloween!" so it makes me think what is Happy or happiness in the Halloween when Halloween is about the celebration of the ghost or dead people? instead of praying for them to have a peaceful souls people did a celebration of happiness like throwing a party rather than celebration of prayers. Or maybe people celebrates Halloween in a Happy way because Halloween is scary thing? is it like that? if it is, OK do you your own way to celebrate Halloween but don't forget to pray for the souls of the dead people, do not forget the real concept of a Halloween because that day is for them and not for us.

Some of the ghost stories and movies are IN now and almost every people is have their own ghost experience. Have you ever seen a ghost in your entire life? me I haven't and I don't want to because it scares me to dead so even if it's Halloween I can't share to you any. I wonder how does it's feels like to have a special abilities to see a ghost or to have a 3rd eye. Some of them are use to it, to see a ghost anywhere while the others who can't accept their special ability is going be crazy. It is also scary to have a friends with a 3rd eye but it's scarier to have this eye.

How do I celebrate Halloween this year? maybe just like the usual, staying home, eating and watching horror films. Horror films is way better than the real ghost story documented on TV programs, because in Movie you know it's just a made-up story unlike in the TV in a real documentation of a ghost story you know that it's real and base to the experience of the story teller. It is more scarier that's why I hate watching TV during Halloween. I also not attending in Halloween Parties and Trick or Treat is not doing in here in the Philippines.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Computer Shop Assistant /Attendant Job Qualification

Do you love computer? me I love computer so much that's why I'm working here at the computer shop for almost 5 years now. I did not finished my college because of my family's financial problem that's why it's hard for me to get a more stable or much better job. At the age of 16 I started to work as a Computer Assistant in my cousins computer shop, it is a small computer shop in a provincial town composing of 20 computer units. From there I learn that working is the starts of my learning, because when you are starting to work you didn't know anything although you came from a school, because what we learn in school is far different in actual work. What you get in school is only an idea or a background and when you go to work and experience it that's how you actually learn and understand everything. We learn through experience and experience is important to a job seeker, if you are newly graduate and 1st time worker you need to be fast learner, more patience and willing to learn and understand new things. People think that working in the internet cafe is an easy task, they think if you have knowledge in computer like basics is its enough. Working in the internet cafe is not only about working in computers, we also doing costumer service. It's such a pain to me working with a costumers, why? because they always say "costumers always right" which is very untrue and whoever made this sayings he is a very hypocrite person. Is it your fault if your costumer is moron? a simple copy and paste can't do, also they are not reading before they ask you. Some of our costumers is a Big Idiot! that's what I hate in my job so much, working in an office or place where you cannot encounter costumers is way better than doing a costumer service. You always need to have a long patience and understanding which the thing I didn't have but I still survive and i still working here in a Computer Shop. As of now I'm working in a Computer Shop inside the mall here in Manila, all I can say is the costumers in provinces is better than the costumers here in Manila. Most of the costumers here in Manila specially those rich people of feeling rich is very stupid, as if like they paying your life the way they treat the people who serves for them.

What you need to learn to become effective Computer Assistant/Attendant are these,..
-you must have knowledge in software application and basic trouble shooting.
-you must be good and in Microsoft Office application, Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Etc.
-you must have a knowledge in simple editing, photo editing or data editing using Adobe Photoshop, Corel, or Fireworks etc.
-you need to be fast learner and understand computer very well.
-you need to have knowledge in computer games.
-you must be a costumer oriented.
-you need to have a good communication skills.

If you work in a Computer Shop who offers a lot of services like typing, researching, Zerox, binding, fax, photo editing, video editing, music editing, mp3 burning etc. you must learn how to do all of this stuff, learn and discover new software to use. In my cousins computer shop we do a lot of services like this and we always gives what costumers need. I felt glad that in the computer shop I'm working now we didn't do a lot of services like this so my work is now easier than before. When you apply as a Computer Assistant or Computer Attendant don't expect a good salary like the minimum rate or higher salary because it has not. The only benefits you can get in working in a computer shop is that you can use an Internet for free, you can surf or even play a games for free. And if you want to earn an extra income with this benefits look for a part-time computer jobs like being a Virtual Assistant, or do some computer works for other people. It's very important that you have a lots of knowledge or things that can do in computer in order to earn more. Through the past years that I have been working in a Computer Shop I learned that in the world of computer/internet every knowledge is a money, that's why keep on learning, researching and discovering a lot of computer knowledge because the more Computer knowledge you have the more money you can make only if you know how to turn your knowledge into money.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Horse in Red Horse Beer

Red Horse and Happy Horse

Are you a drinker? or a drunker? if you are you must have to be familiar with this 2 types of Horse in Red Horse Beer. Red Horse beer is a well known brand of beer here in the Philippines because of its extra-ordinary strong taste. Eversince I started to drink I start with the Red Horse beer and until known I still love to drink Red Horse beer. Do you know the other version or type of Redhorse Beer? It's what they called "Happy Horse" why is it called Happy Horse? obviously the Horse in the label of bottle is smiling happily. You can find one Happy Horse in every case of Red Horse Beer however this Happy Horse is hard to find in regular stores, it's very rare so consider yourself lucky if you find one. The difference of this Happy Horse into a regular Red Horse Beer is its has a strong content of liquor than the usual Red Horse beer.

This is how you spot the difference of a Happy Horse into a regular Red Horse beer bottle.
Happy Horse and Red Horse
Happy Horse Back labels is red while the ordinary Red Horse beer is white. The horse in the front label of Happy horse is smiling while in the bottle of regular Red Horse beer is not.

I have lots of drinking memories with Red Horse Beer and the most special in this is there's a friendship and love that has been made in one table with Red horse beer. I really love Red Horse "Ito ang tama!".

Happy drinking! and enjoy the October Fest! ^^,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my Umbrella called Rihanna

Do you name your things? like for example you have a new cellphone and you called it "pochi" although the cellphone brand is Nokia N73 or you have a bike and you name or called it "broom-broom" but obviously you can just called it like "my bike". It's very unusual to a person to name their things, actually it's kind of weird but for me i find it funny and cute. Those people who did like this, who naming their things is a kind of sweet, special and happy person. I actually not naming my things but one day when my partner ask me if I did bring my umbrella because it's raining it's suddenly pop up to my mind to say and say that "Yeah, I bring Rihanna with me". Then she wonder and ask me "who is Rihanna?" and I said it was "my umbrella!" and laugh out loud. I don't think you still have to ask me why I did called my umbrella Rihanna because it's obviously Rihanna has a song called Umbrella it's a very popular song and I love it. And now because its rainy season, my partner always used to ask me if I bring Rihanna with me and not my umbrella, she's now used to it. My Rihanna or umbrella is a kind of expensive umbrella, do you know how did I get my Rihanna? it's embarrassing to say but still I want to share the story behind my Rihanna umbrella.

I did not buy my Rihanna umbrella and its also not a present from anyone. I'm working here in the mall's internet cafe then one rainy day I have a costumer who has left her umbrella in one of our computer table. When we we're going to close the shop I found the umbrella, for me it was a lovely umbrella and looks like expensive, so I took the umbrella with me at home. Then on the next day the owner is looking for her umbrella in our shop but I lied to her and tell her I did not found or see her umbrella in our shop. Why did I lied to her? because for me it's more embarrassing if she finds out that I took her umbrella in my home with me LOL. The owner leave and never came back again and now as a new owner of the umbrella i name it Rihanna.

Do you like the story behind my umbrella Rihanna? it's a shame and funny to me to share this LOL. My umbrella is a 3 fold umbrella, made with nylon fabric with dark checkard designed and aluminum frame. It's automatic, when you want to open or close the umbrella just press the button on its handle, it's very convenient to use. If I will produce a new brand or new model of umbrella I will probably called it RIHANNA I'm sure many people will like or appreciate it. I know you are now curious how does my umbrella Rihanna look like so next time I'll show you the picture of it. It's now a rainy season I hope everyone don't forget to bring their Rihanna with them.

Umbrella by Rihanna feat. JayZ

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Transcript of Record Requirements

When you entered into a new university's let's say in college, if you are transferees you have to submit the transcript of record from your previous school or when you go to work transcript of record from your school is also required. I'm from ACLC student and going to transfer in ACCESS because of my financial problem. I'm required to get my transcript of record as a school admission requirements.

Requirements to get my Transcript of Record:
Surrender ID (your ID in that school)
Form 137A Card (Your Class Card in High School)
Zerox Birth certificate (Your Birth certificate zerox copy only)
FDR. -php 165.00 (for sure it's money)
Clearance -php 20.00 (for sure it's money again)
Letter of request from a parent (letter from your parents requesting it)
1 pc. 2x2 picture w/ white background (2x2 size picture)
1 pc. Documentary stamp (Whats this?)

One thing that made me confuse is the Documentary Stamp? What is Documentary Stamp? I think about this almost a month and then when I get my Postal ID they required me to get this Documentary Stamp too. They told me to go to Municipal Hall at the BIR office to buy this Documentary Stamp. The price of this documentary stamp is Php5.00 defends on the government official who sells it. So when I bought this Documentary stamp for my Postal ID, I also bought 1 for my Transcript Requirements. The requirements that my old school has given to me to get my Transcript of Record is just the same into the other school. So if you want to get your transcript of Record make sure you have this thing before going to your school or make a call to your old school first and ask for requirements to get your Transcript.
to let everyone know this is a Documentary Stamp

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stephen Gately of Boyzone died

BOYZONE singer STEPHEN GATELY has died suddenly. He was 33.

The cause of death remains unknown, but it's been reported the singer - who was holidaying in Majorca with partner ANDREW COWLES - went to sleep after an evening drinking and never woke up.
His bandmates RONAN KEATING, KEITH DUFFY, MIKEY GRAHAM and SHANE LYNCH said they were "devastated" by Stephen's death.

Gately died yesterday at 1.45pm in his house in Port Andratx, said Spanish cops.

Police probing the death said today there were "no signs of suspicious circumstances".

I was so shocked when I read this news this morning, back then in the year of 90's was a fan of Boyzone boy band specially Stephen Gately. He is a great man with a great voice that's makes me fall inlove with although i know the fact that he is a gay.

I have a friends too who died after they sleep. They are brothers, the one died a years ago and the other one died a months ago after they sleep. They are tired from a midnight party's and drinks, they travel and go home took a bath and sleep, then never wake up again. Is it they called cardiac arrest? Even Michael Jackson too died for unknown reason. It's now really scary to sleep, whenever I go to sleep sometimes I have this thought "what if I never woke up again? what will happen?" so I pray before I sleep. I pray that If I never woke up again from my sleep I wish that my family and my love one will have a good life someday. I ask my partner to hug me tight so if ever I never woke up again I died in her loving arms. Romantic dying? hehe But I wish I would know when will I die so I can prefer myself.

I wish I was there in Port Andrax to give a last farewell to Stephen Gately. I send my condolence and prayers to Stephen Gately's family, fans and love ones.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What is Soaked in Washing Machine?

If innocence kills I died already,.. LOL I'm not using washing machine for a long time ago because I'm not the one who wash my clothes. My mother, my partner and the laundry shop used to wash it for me. Because of the Bagyong Ondoy I use to stay at home for 5 days, everyone knows I'm a workaholic person i didn't take a Day off unless there's a very very important matters or occasions. So staying home for 5 days really made me sick! besides there's no computer at our home, I can't live my life without Computer!. I looked for something to do, I write a blog articles in the piece of paper, I cleaned the house, I cook, and the best thing I did is washing the laundry. I used the washing machine to make it easier for me, but wait? How to use the washing machine? I have experienced using washing machine before, but that was long ago, plus the washing machine from before is not as high tech as what I have in our home now,..

OK,.. then I start washing the clothes,.. First I pour water in the Washing Machine then the water has gone,.. MAGIC???? hahaha NO! the Drain knob is down!
OK i turned it up! Pour water again and put a powder,.. Then I Set the Washing Timer,.. The Washing Machine starts to wash the clothes but after a minute it STOPS! and I wonder,.. what's wrong with the Washing Machine? why it Stops? then I assumed its has a technical problem,.. however when I turned the timer on the other side it will work again,.. hhhmmmm,.. somethings really wrong with the Washing Machine,.. why it's stopping on this area,..?
After having a trouble taking care of the Laundry I successfully finished it, I even used its Dryer,.. When my partner got home I told her that the Washing Machine has a problem,.. It stops and not working on that part of the timer,.. She laugh hard,.. she laugh and laugh at me,.. and I still wondering why... Then she told me,.. "can't you read? It's soaked! SOAKED!" then I said,.. "Oh soaked,.. what's soaked???" hahahaha " she said " Soaked means babad,.. soaked! means Washing Machine soaking your clothes My God! your old enough but still doesn't know the english of babad,.." hahahaha OK, OK,... the english of babad is Soaked,.. now I know,.. hahaha it's a shameful experience yet its fun for me,.. and the most important lesson I learned is the english word SOAKED! haha and i realize that the Washing Machine doesn't have a Technical Problem instead it's a User problem,.. As of now I finally learned how to use the Washing Machine very well and I use to take care my laundry every week end,.. =))

Ti'll next story of my Big idiot... =))