Sunday, November 29, 2009

LOCKERZ! a way to get free gadgets and items online

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What is Lockerz??
Lockerz is considered one of the quickest growing sites on the internet. It has been mentioned on many forums as well as news companies.'s popularity is based upon its free offers. Lockerz is currently running in beta mode and registration is quick and simple and points can be earned effortlessly. The reason for its rise in popularity is due to the fact that points are easily earned and those points can be used to get MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games (For all consoles), Ipods, Nintendo Wiis and much more. So basically this means that you can acquire lots and lots of free stuff with little work needed.

How it works

PTZ (what points are referred as at Lockerz) can be earned in 3 simple ways

1. You can earn points from signing on to your account
2. You can earn points from answering the daily questions (also known as Dailies)
3. You can earn points from inviting friends to join

Can Lockerz be trusted??
The CEO of Lockerz is Kahty Savitt who used to be the Vice President of and the Chief Marketing Official of American Eagle. One of Lockerz's main sponsor is Liberty Media, one of the largest Media Companies in the US, which owns a major part of Time Warner.

PTZ can be easily earned at A new member can earn 30 PTZ just for registering, another 2 PTZ from signing in, and another 2 PTZ from answering the Dailies. That gives a total of 34 PTZ in 5 minutes or less! To give you an idea of how much something would cost on Lockerz, a brand new video game NHL 2010 only costs 25 PTZ!!

The only way to become a member is to get an invite. If you already have been invited, sign up as soon as possible or if not send your emails to: (with the subject line as Lockerz Invite) or give me a quick personal message here.

Hope you enjoy all the free stuff from as much as we have.

-Hasuike San

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Monday, November 2, 2009

my Halloween Experience

Oh,.. so I finally made it! made an unforgettable moment of the Halloween. In my recent post I tell you guys that Halloween is the most boring occasions for me because I have nothing to do on that day,..

So me and my partner has plan to go on Quiapo church,.. but what we were going to do after going to church? so I decided before going to church we're going to but ticket for cinema and after going to church we were going to watch movie on cinema... OK,.. it's November 1, we met at the Isetann Mall, the mall closer to Quaipo church,.. we buy ticket then after that we stroll at the mall and forget that we were going to church,.. hahaha we actually decided not to go on church after all then wait for the movie to starts,.. We watched PATIENT X,.. I insist to watch Patient X because i think that's so scary because the director is Yam Laranas, he's been recognize internationally by his previous movie "Sigaw".
OK it's time to watch movie,.. we enter into the cinema and were so surprised, as in SURPRISED,.. WE are the ONLY persons who will watch that movie on that big cinema. Wait! we don't rent the whole cinema OK??? we can't afford that hahaha It's just happened that only me and my partner who wants to watch movie on the All Souls Day. Most of the people is on the cemetery and church and WE on the cinema hahahaha.

Then the Movie starts to play, we're so scared, very very scared,.. Can you imagine yourself watching Horror movie on the big dark cinema with only you and your partner? maybe your imagination is quite different like this only you and your partner watching cinema with a romantic movie,.. hahaha I'm a scared cat, i don't want to continue watching the film,.. I really wanted to go home but my partner wants to stay because were already there and besides we can't refund the ticket. So we stay and watched the movie from beginning to end, actually the movie is not that scary but if you watch it on a dark big cinema with only two of you it's very very scary,.. It's such an unforgettable Holloween for me,.. and know what's the Lesson? Do not watch cinema on the All Souls Day specially if you prefer to watch horror movie,.. go with the plan, visit the church or the cemetery,.. hahaha