Saturday, August 1, 2009

My 1st Online Jobs

I am Hasz, I am cashier in a computer shop in a mall near our place, I'm working full time in a very long working hours but my salary is below the minimum rate. I'm living independently and didn't get support from my family, my food, my shelter, and other needs all this I provided it to myself plus I have the responsibility in supporting the education of my younger sister. My salary wasn't enough, I can't even buy my clothes every month and if I'm going to be so costly in my food expenses there will be nothing left on my budget so most of the time I'm on a diet. Because of this I feel very pressured on sicking a part time job where I can earn extra income but it's hard to look for a part time job if i were to base it on my current work schedule. Since I am cashier in a computer shop and facing the computer almost everyday in my life I'm thinking of why not to use the computer to earn the extra income I needed. Instead of playing Mafia Wars and Pet Society in Facebook all day much better if I use the internet in a useful way and this is the advantage of being cashier in a computer shop.

How did I make money online
Last year the friend of my friend suggest me a one site where I can work a part time jobs online as a Virtual Assistant, this site is the the oDesk is an online staffing marketplace and management platform that provides a convenient way to hire, manage, and pay individuals no matter where they are located. In the oDesk if you are a job sicker you have to apply in the posted job of those buyer and if they consider your application the buyer will contact you for an interview, and if you pass in their criteria they would definitely hire you. It's hard to apply as a Virtual Assistant online, why? because of the high competencies, and most of the buyer are sicking for an skilled Virtual Assistant/Provider or if not skilled the cheaper. When I say skilled Virtual Assistant I mean it as a well experienced person in blogging, writing, surfing, multi-tasking etc.. The other thing that so upsetting to me is my poor English. I can't even write a good cover letter in my job application and when the interview comes I can't speak well in my provider because of my poor English again. Luckily that time there was a provider who's looking for a Filipino Virtual Assistant, the job that he's given to me is to chat or hang out on their room at camfrog all day while creating at lease 20 fake accounts in their new community site called every day. I did my job for almost 1 month and 1 week the buyer decided to close the job because even if I did my job well the traffic on that site won't give an increase. On that jobs I earned $177.99.

how did I get this payment? I transfer it to my Paypal account and because I didn't have a credit card to verify my paypal account I didn't make it specially thru bank transfer. I'm having a hard time withdrawing this money because some of the Philippine bank didn't accept the paypal. I did some research through internet then I found out the EON Debit Card of Union Bank is allows transferring funds from paypal account. I apply EON Debit Card in Union Bank I did wait for 7 working days for my card and then when I received my card I deposited money in there about Php.200.00 in order to activate it, then I register my card number in their online banking site *whew*. Well it's not yet done, I verify my EON debit account in paypal and after 24 hrs. After the long process I started to transfer my money from paypal to my debit card then I wait for 7 to 10 working days, after the waits I checked my account and *whew* I get my 1st income after a long process and waits. Remember when they transfer your dollar to your Philippine bank account it will automatically converted into peso. That time the current exchange rate is Php.48.00/$1.00 so I earned about Php.8,000.00 in my 1st ever online job. The job I have been to is too easy but getting my money from that job is kinda hard, It's maybe because I'm a newbie. If you want a proof If I really did earn in here's the financial statement on the said month.
Odesk Financial Statement
Paypal Financial Statement

After I earned into that online job I tried a different way to make money online, like clicking ads into PTC sites, taking surveys etc. but I didn't succeed because earning cents in clicking or reading is kinda tiring than doing jobs like Virtual Assistant did. The other option is to create a blog into and earn through the adsense or try the to enter into online marketing business like selling products or e-books in e-bay, amazon or 1shoppingcart. There's a money into the Internet and I did have proven it, the convenience of working online is you have the flexible schedule, you don't have the boss, you can work with your PC and internet at home or anywhere. I hope to get an opportunities on having my 2nd online job sooner, if only I'm good in blogging *sigh*.
Well that's all, I hope you can get something from my story although my grammar is wrong and my English is so bad. hihi *wink*