Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cherry Mobile Q3 Review

I got a Cherry Mobile Q3 unit last April,.. I bought it in the price of 1,990Php as a brand new unit. I actually preferred to buy the Cherry Mobile D10 but I change my mind since the price of those units are the same. The phone features are also the same, D10 is a bar type while Q3 is a Qwerty type. Since Qwerty is very popular nowadays I choose to buy the Q3 over the D10. The physical features of Q3 is very simple but looks more decent than a China phone. Actually Cherry Mobile is a China Phone brand too who got imported by Philippine company, they say Cherry Mobile owned by the Alcatel company too. I'm not really sure about that, all I know is this phone is a Class A China Phone brand. That time I really wanted to buy a Dual Sim Phone so I can communicate my overseas partner through my other sim and i find Cherry Mobile as cheapest brand of dual sim phone so then I tried it.
Cherry Mobile Q3 Features:
  • Dual Band : GSM 900/1800 MHz
  • Dual Sim Dual Standby
  • Qwerty Keypad
  • 2.2” TFT 65K color display
  • FM radio
  • Mp3 Player
  • Flashlight (5 LED)
  • SMS
  • T-flash up to 2 GB
This Phone is good if you are used to China phone features except,....
When you play MP3 music the sound quality is poor it can't play HQ mp3 very well, through speaker or headset its still the same, sucks!
When you're listening music and you've got a call and answer ,you can't hear the voice of a caller into the headset, I dunno what's wrong maybe the headset??? and when you unplugged the headset the call ends. I always got a problem when someone calling me while listening music through my headset.
It doesn't have a Picture Viewer just like what's written on it's box. It only supports GIF images with a very very small size like 100-200KB and the wall paper cannot be change into personalize, Default only.
It doesn't have a Sent Item so you can't view the messages you sent. You can't even calculate how much pages you already use when creating messages because it doesn't indicated, unless you know the numbers or how much character to be use per page.
It has a flashlight with 5 LED, but the light is not that bright, it's not like 5 led but 1.
It is not recommended to use 2GB T-flash because it actually supports only 1GB.
If you are not used to Qwerty keypad don't buy Qwerty unit then, it's hard to use Qwerty keypad you will became slow texter.

I'm having a hard time using this phone so after 4 days I decided to sell it and buy another unit again but this time I buy a branded one. hehehe^^, from 1 - 10 ratings I can rate the phone quality into 5! but it still defends on how you use your phone. What more do you expect from a China Phone? of course you have to be extra careful using it, if you are a risk taker like me then also try to buy it and see for your self but probably I don't recommend this unit.