Saturday, May 22, 2010

foods for a person who live alone

Ever since my partner left, I'm all alone at home,.. of course being alone means, eat alone, watching TV alone, sleep alone, in short ALONE, hahaha I always having a hard time to think what do I eat for my dinner, I don't eat breakfast and I ate lunch at work so dinner is my only problem. Aside from instant noodles, canned foods and fried what else food can I eat when I'm home alone? If you are home alone it's not necessary to cook a dishes specially if you're not eating too much, so most of the person who's living alone or living into a dormitory preferred to buy cooked foods outside instead. But if you are stingy person like me a meal of 40-50Php is kinda expensive LOL.
I search through the net because I want to get an idea on what kinds of food is affordable, easily to cook and enough for a one person only but I failed to find one, so I decided to share you what kind of food I ate alone when I'm home.

These are the most common foods I eat,..
Red Egg w/or w/out tomato will do
Boiled white egg
Instant Noodles

Fried egg
Fried Eggplant
Fried Dried Fish
Imbotido - you can also make other recipe for imbotido like mixing this into egg then fried.
Note: I ate these fried's with a Knorr Soup,..

Sometimes when i buy foods outside I bought,..
Grilled fish
Grilled Longganisa
Grilled Squid
Grilled Hotdog
Kangkong w/Bagoong
Talong w/Bagoong
or I bought a cooked dishes like inexpensive Vegetables

I also eat canned foods like,..
Spanish sardines
corned beef
meat loap
wow ulam

and what more can you do into a Canned foods?
SARDINES you can sautee sardines add egg and any kinds of vegetables add little amount of water and seasonings then Boila!!! you got a new menu for a Sardines haha
MACKEREL you can sautee mackerel too without adding veggies or anything just a seasonings and calamansi to taste.
CORNED BEEF sautee corned beef is very common, adding potato is common too but adding egg in stir-fry corned beef is my own recipe hahahaha

Seems like my recipe has a lot of eggs, LOL i just don't know why I keep experimenting on Egg hahahaha maybe I should titled this blog article "What more you can do to egg?" hahaha If you are fed up with your daily dish then try experimenting too just like what I did. As you can see my foods are all unhealthy foods as if I got a choice? so then I decided to eat fruits after meal or drink fruit juice.

Hope I can give you help or gave you an idea on what to eat when your home alone or living alone.

Summer is about to end but I don't have a post yet regarding my summer escapade... Hope to make one when I find time,.. ti'll my next blog,.. <3<3<3